são muitas as vezes em que penso nisto...

questiono a minha posição, tiro conclusões. e é bom ver algumas delas tão bem colocadas:

«(...) Likewise, the fad for lap-dancing classes. Ah, they're a good workout, 'they' say. They strengthen stomach muscles and tone buttocks. And they put men firmly in their place: sitting down, supplicant, needy, desperate. My (wobbly) arse. No woman should need to learn how to bump and grind inches from a man's crotch to show her worth or potency. And, ladies, any man who does need that from you, frankly, isn't worth having. He's not a keeper. He's pathetic. And probably a pervert. It's not women fault. It's a sad reflection on modern society that some women still feel the need to commodify their sexuality to feel empowered.

(...)Lady Gaga and Jordan [Katie Price] are not real women; they don't even have real names. They are maestroes of reinvention. It is an act. For the average young woman on the street, how about focusing on intervention rather than reinvention? That is be clever, and innovative, and coolly sure of yourself and your own, natural- born attributes.

(...) There's nothing more intoxicating to a real man than a woman who's genuine. Who knows her own mind, her own attributes, who is aware of - and accepting of -her own flaws. A woman who is authentically sexy. Those are attributes you can believe in. And those are incredible powerful forces. A strong man will like a strong woman. That way lies genuine empowerment, and it flows both ways.»

Artigo de Craig McLean: 'Are you as empowered as you think?' in ELLE Reino Unido (10/2010)

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